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You’ve probably heard things like “you don’t need any equipment to have a great workout,” and “you can do these moves anywhere,” a hundred times. And honestly that’s great news because getting to the gym every day isn’t always a reality.

While it’s true that you can use just your bodyweight to work all of your muscles (and get that cardio pump on) the question is…well, what exactly do you do?

Enter the 13 handy moves below. There are some effective exercises for your upper body, your lower body, your core, and plenty of cardio-focused moves, too. And while Lori makes them look super easy, the no-equipment moves are no joke.

1. Jump Squats – make sure feet are shoulder width apart when jumping

2. Burpees — make it easier by walking legs in and out instead of jumping

3. Side Shuffle With Knee Holds — the trick to nailing the hold is keeping your core tight

4. High Knees — pumping your arms is key

5. Inchworm With Push-Ups — the goal is to stand up tall after each rep, and you can modify the push-up by dropping to your knees

6. Jumping Jacks — challenge yourself by picking up the pace

7. Jumping Lunges — modify this exercise by skipping the jump and performing alternating reverse lunges instead

8. Side Shuffles — try to take up as much space as you can as you move side to side

9. Kick Unders — if your opposite hand and foot can’t touch, that’s OK—just focus on kicking your leg under and through

10. Mt. Climbers — pick up your pace if you want more of a challenge

11. Plank Ups — think palm-palm-elbow-elbow

12. Power Lunges — don’t forget to do both sides

13. Skater Hops — modify this move by keeping the toes of your back foot on the ground for extra balance

Add these moves to your regular at-home workout or mix-and-match them to create a new routine. For example, pick six of the moves above, do the first one for 30 seconds then rest for 10 seconds and move on to the second move. Do this until you complete all six moves. Rest for one minute, then repeat the circuit one to two more times.

These are fun.
Love, Lori

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