5 Quick Tips for Getting Back into Shape

The process of getting back into shape can be a tough one. Fortunately, if you follow these five simple fitness tips you can make it happen.

#1 Find an Activity You Actually Enjoy

Swimming, biking, running, boxing, kickboxing, strength training, there are a ton of options. Find one you look forward to doing. If you get bored change it up.

#2 Find a Healthy Food You Enjoy (NOT Non-Fat Donuts)

What kind of vegetables do you like, lean meats, fruits, clean carbs, start with those. If I tell you to eat broccoli and you hate it, why would you continue to try eating it. You won’t. This is why people quit on there diet, they are not given options. People love options.

#3 Find a Friend or a Community to Support You

It is so much fun to workout with someone. I would start working out at a gym, I would always go around the same time. I started to see familiar faces. I would make friends and then ask if they wanted a training partner. Everybody wants a training partner. It is so much easier to show up when someone is holding you accountable.

#4 Portion Control

This is a big one. Even though you are eating healthy remember calories are calories. If you don’t burn off what your taking in you won’t lose weight. A good rule of thumb is if it fits in the palm of your hand it’s a good portion.

#5 Patience & Consistency

Give yourself a chance. When I was losing my weight the first month was the hardest. In my head I knew my body was transforming even though the scale was barley moving. I kept telling myself it took you 7 years to put this weight on, it’s not going to come off in 30 days. I want to encourage you to just put your head down and do the work. It will happen, you will drop that weight and get lean, you just have to be patient, consistent and never quit!

I believe in you.
Love, Lori

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