7-Tips for Losing Weight in 2017


1     I know we all love our coffee first thing in the morning however, try to eat within the first hour. The first meal is the most important to get that metabolism jump started first thing in the morning.


2     Make a meal plan that you follow throughout the day. If you plan ahead this will help you NOT grab anything that’s in front of you when you’re hungry. This also helps to keep you on track.


3     One key to losing weight is to keep your body burning fuel all day. You don’t want your body to slow down. So, to keep your metabolism burning all day eat small meals every 3-4 hours. Trust me, your body will tell you when it’s time. But to be sure in the beginning set a timer.


4     It may seem like a pain at first but, purchase measuring cups and a food scale so you can keep track and measure your food as much as possible. It’s all of those extra oz. that add up those extra calories. Over time you won’t need the scale you will know by sight.


5     Drink as much water as possible. Add lemon, strawberries, cucumbers, anything that will add flavor if need be. If you drink a glass of water before a meal research says you will eat less. You need to drink at least 8 glasses a day. This is not a myth. Water does wonders for weight loss, skin, hair, moods, and so much more.


6     Make sure you take your vitamins, fish oils or flax seed. Take a multi vitamin daily. All of this aids in the weight loss process and healthy bowel movements.


7     Whatever you do, never give up. Consistency is key! If you have a bad day let it go and start fresh the next day. This is true with meals, exercises, and attitudes. If you eat bad one meal, eat better the next. You can do this! Stay positive and consistent!





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