Global Life & Fitness is on a mission to empower every woman to live their best fit active lifestyle. Every woman is unique. We have specifically designed programs that will help you lose weight, learn healthy eating habits, have energy, and get those female hormones in balance so you can lose weight. The GLF programs will take you step by step through the process to help create healthy new habits. There will no longer be any guess work on how to workout, prepare meals, or shop at the grocery store. We are dedicated to helping millions of women get empowered and to help change their mindset about exercise and nutrition.

What is Global Life & Fitness?

Why You're Still Struggling with Weight

Meet Lori Fetrick

Look up ‘super woman,’ at and you’ll see a photo of Lori Fetrick… and if not… you should. The woman that went by ‘Ice,’ on the original American Gladiators, is truly a woman of many skills and talents.


Life as a Gladiator

The American Gladiator television show try outs came along and being the athlete Lori was, she blew away 50 other women trying out for the same position. She then joined the team. She was branded “Ice” and for 9 years she was seen on national television and competing in live tours across the nation and abroad.

What HIIT Training Will Do for You

Training Methods

The training methods used are a combination of strength training and HIIT training. With a combination of high-intensity interval training exercises and strength training your body will be sent into fat-burning overdrive! When the workouts are properly done, you can burn a grip of calories in less than 30 minutes per day.


Introductory Book

Want to start working out like a gladiator? Then you need Lori’s Better Body 7-Day Quick Start eBook. This free PDF download will help you melt more fat in one week. Use the training advice of a former American Gladiator to get in shape.


Get in touch

Lori is available to answer questions about fitness or for speaking events. Please contact us and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Hollywood, CA USA

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