Look up ‘super woman,’ at Websters.com and you’ll see a photo of Lori Fetrick… and if not… you should.

Lori FetrickThe woman that went by ‘Ice,’ on the original American Gladiators, is truly a woman of many skills and talents.

Lori Fetrick rose to fame quite naturally. In school, she played varsity basketball, softball and volleyball. ‘I was a real jock,’ recalls Lori. After graduating from high school, Lori got into the fitness industry and found a love for health and fitness.

She became a certified personal trainer very quickly and became very passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals. She then started competing in the local bodybuilding shows and with her competitive spirit she was hooked after winning the over all competition. She then went on to compete in the state and National level. Lori’s dream was to become pro in this sport, however the universe had another calling for Lori.

The American Gladiator television show try outs came along and being the athlete Lori was, she blew away 50 other women trying out for the same position.

She then joined the team. She was branded “Ice” and for 9 years she was seen on national television and competing in live tours across the nation and abroad. The Gladiators then took a 6 month tour around the US and Lori entertained her thousands of fans in places like Madison Square Gardens in New York.

Lori has guest starred on many television shows which include Lois and Clark, Ellen, The Outer Limits, Mad TV, The Drew Carey Show, In Living Color, The Muppets, Renegade, L.A. Heat and many others. Films include CIA: Target Alexis, Bullethead and more. Lori has also hosted and co-host shows such as Unbelievable Sports, The Mark Walberg Show, and Women in the Zone.

When Lori wasn’t busy on television she was traveling around doing motivational and fitness seminars all across the US. Along with becoming one of America’s icons Lori also launched a fitness clothing line, fitness video, wrote a book, and helped collaborate on many other projects.

Lori Fetrick has always been a strong female, both physically and mentally. She has launched some very innovative businesses including Better Bodies, a chain of fitness facilities, South Beach Tan, a chain of tanning salons and a Real Estate publication. “I figured out a long time ago that I really enjoy the vision of a business or a company followed by the thrill of launching it.”

She continued her business expertise by becoming a real estate agent in the Los Angeles area and rode the real estate wave as she had with her businesses before. She was asked to join a financial firm where she was in charge of training agents.

With everything Lori has done in her amazing career it all wraps around fitness, her first and only one love. Lori is a very savvy businesswomen and definitely one you want on your team.

Asked how one can possibly do it all, Lori just laughs- “balance…it’s all about balance.”


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