The Secret to Getting the Body You Want Isn't Fat Loss

I have a lot of women ask me how to get a bigger booty and get those sexy arms. It’s not all about losing body fat, you need to put a little muscle on in all the right areas. So I’m going to focus on how to put muscle on and get that body you want.

Get the body you want by putting on a little muscle.

Today I’m going to touch on the topic of actually putting on a little muscle and getting the body that you are aiming for.

If you truly want to grow certain areas of your body to get the look you want, like a bigger butt, more defined abs, or even some more muscular arms, you have to gain muscle to do this and that’s really the only way to go about forming the body you really want.

1. Lift Some Weights

Lifting weights is vital to building muscle because you need to break down your muscle fibers in order to build them up. Girls, you are not going to look like a man if you lift some weights. I don’t, and nether will you. I don’t want to get to deep here, but women have 15%-20% less testosterone than men. Therefore, we can not build like a man.

Now, it’s absolutely fine to use your bodyweight for squats, lunges, pull-ups, planks, and other exercises to build muscle. But there comes a point when you’ve built your muscles strong enough that your own body weight isn’t enough anymore and you need to change up your routine and really challenge yourself by pushing the boundaries of what you’re capable of. That’s where muscle growth happens.

So pick up a set of weights! Your muscles have to work really hard in order to tear your muscle fibers and lifting heavier weights does just that.

2. Protein! This is the Building Block to Muscle

Protein is the building block to muscles. If you want to build a house you have to start with the foundation, that’s protein. After a workout of heavy lifting, your body is going to need some supplies to rebuild those muscles and it wants protein! No matter how much you’re lifting and working out, if you’re not getting enough protein in your diet, your body is not going to be able to rebuild your muscles.

You should get at LEAST one gram of protein per pound of body weight. So if you’re 130 pounds, you need 130 grams of protein a day in order to build up your muscles. If you expect your body to grow muscle without protein, it just doesn’t work.

3. Cardio! You Can’t See the Muscle If It’s Hidden

I see women in the gym training very hard but yet, they can not see those beautiful muscles because it’s hidden under the body fat. If you want to see abs you are going to have to get rid of some fat tissue.

If you’re getting into the gym and lifting weights and downing protein like your life depended on it – that’s AMAZING! You’re doing everything right. The one factor that may be missing is just the fact that you can’t see the muscle you’re building.
Cardio is not only important for keeping your heart healthy, it’s also important in ridding your body of excess fat so those beautiful muscles can peek their way out. You should get at least 3 days of 30-minute cardio sessions in a week and you’ll start seeing those abs.

4. Take Rest Days

Funny that I should be telling you to take a rest day but I do. Take a day of rest. Your body needs it. If you’re constantly tearing your muscle fibers down over and over again without giving them time to build back up, you’re delaying your progress. This is called over-training. You need at least 2 days of rest during the week for your muscles to really build up and become stronger and bigger.

5. Be Patient

This is my big down fall as well. As I was training and getting ready to launch this site, I wanted it NOW. Be patient! It will happen. It does happen. Muscles take time to grow and you have to give your body time before you start seeing some real growth. Have some patience and let your body do what it was made to.

Building muscle isn’t easy for everyone, but it’s just about the same process for everyone. Everyone is built different as well. I have noticed tall thin people have a little harder time putting muscle on rather than shorter people. All you need to do is get in the gym, pick up some heavy weights, fuel your body with protein, and let your muscles recover so you can get the body that you want.

What’s the word again, Patient.

6. Stress Hormones & How to Reduce Them

Everyone has to deal with stress in their lives. Nobody is immune to the feeling or the hormones that get released when you’re stressed. You might not think much of these stress hormones until I tell you that they cause you to either gain weight or hold onto weight even when you’re trying to lose it.

So if you seem to be plateauing and can’t shed those last few pounds, maybe what you need is to spend a day relaxing instead of spending your day doing cardio. Get rid of those stress hormones that are stressing you out even more!

Love, Lori

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